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Edie Falco was an actress on The Sapranos and is currently the lead role in the show Nurse Jackie, as Jackie. On September 5, 2005 she was diagnosed with stage 1 Breast Cancer. In this article she explains a bit about

her reaction to the news, how she dealt with the shock, and the treatments:

Edie Falco Talks About Her Breast Cancer Journey .

Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is a disease in which cancer cells develop and grow in the breast. Its a cancer than usually effects women but it rare cases can also effect men. About 200,000 women will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer each year and 1,700 men.

Risk Factors

Family history plays a large role in being at risk. If someone has had a sister, a grandmother, parent, etc. who has had breast cancer then they are at risk for developing it themselves. Age and weight are also risk factors. A women over 65 years of age is more likely to develop breast cancer than a women at 25 and a women who is not physically active and is overweight is also more likely to develop breast cancer.


Symptoms of Breast Cancer include lumps or thickening tissue in the breast. Another sign in tenderness of the breast and nipple. Even physical appearance could be an indicator, if the shape of the breast begins to change (usually inward) or if the nipple appears red and swollen.


Probability of Developing Breast Cancer Within the Next 10 years

By age 20

By age 30
By age 40
By age 50
By age 60
By age 70
1 out of 1,760
1 out of 229
1 out of 69
1 out of 42
1 out of 29
1 out of 27
1 out of 8
Source: American Cancer Society Breast
Cancer Facts and Figures 2008-2009

All Races



Asian/Pacific Islander

American Indian/Alaska Native

127.8 per 100,000 women
132.5 per 100,000 women
118.3 per 100,000 women
89.0 per 100,000 women
69.8 per 100,000 women
89.3 per 100,000 women
Source: National Cancer Institute

Surgery is usually the first attack against breast cancer when diagnosed. There are two types of breast cancer surgury, Mastecomy or Lumpectomy. Mastecomy is the removal of all the breast tissue while Lumpectomy is just the removal of the suspected cancerous lumps and a bit of the surrounding tissue.
Chemotherapy is also a first-choice attack. "Chemo" destroys cancer cells using medicine that goes through the blood stream. The side effects of chemo are numerous and include: hair loss, fatigue, memory loss, mouth and throat sores, nausea, vomitting, fertility issues, etc.
Radiation Therapy is a procedure that is done to destroy remaining cancerous cells after surgery. Radiation therapy uses high energy radiation beams that target cancer cells DNA. The beams also effect regular cells as well but not as much.

Today millions of dollars go to cancer research every year. There are hundreds of organizations devoted to finding a cause. Even our own school district is in the fight against cancer with Relay for Life. With all the research underway and the devoted scientists craving a cure for this monstrous disease theres more hope than ever for a cure.

Five Year Survival Rate By Age
Younger than 45
Ages 45-64
Ages 65 and older
Source: American Cancer Society

The mortality rate has been slowly declining in the US since the 1990's.

Now back to Ms. Falco...
Edie Falco could have been suseptable to cancer because as she admits in the previous article at the top of the page, she didn't take very good care of her health before she got cancer, she had also stuggled with alcohol additction in the past. So when she started to undergo chemotherapy she began to go running everyday and eating healthier. She went through the chemo and eventually beat her struggle with Breast Cancer.

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