Mr. T used to pity the fool. Now the fool pities him- Mr. T has cancer.
Born Laurence Tureaud, Mr. T came to fame through his appearances in Rocky III and The A-Team. First working as a club bouncer and bodyguard, he evexternal image mrtintro.jpgentually came into acting in TV and film. He also partakes in professional wrestling from time to time, and has participated in numerous anti-drug movements, including a video entitled Be Somebody… or be Somebody’s Fool! T's father was a Reverend and as a child he was constantly surrounded by his father's preachings. Making him a firm believer in the lord. He has yet to doubt the faith of god, and now more than ever his believe has never been stronger. He is very large.
Mr. T was diagnosed with Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma in his ear in 1995, and treated for four weeks with chemotherapy and radiation, when his doctors told him the cancer was gone at that he could go home. Less than a year later however, he discovered that the cancer was returning all over his body. He received six months of chemotherapy, followed by a year and a half of radiation treatment, and more chemotherapy and radiation for several years. However, he kept a strong spirit, not willing to quit without a fight. He published a book about his struggles- Cancer Saved My Life: Cancer Ain't for No Wimps, and his refusal to give up to cancer.

​T was diagnosed with a rare type of lymphoma, which is cancer of the lymphatic cells- a type of white blood cell, part of the immune system. It frequently occurs in the lymph nodes, and is usually treated with chemotherapy- sometimes radiotherapy and bone marrow transplant as well.Symptoms include generalized lymphadenopathy (enlarged lymph nodes) and increased antibody proteins in the bloodexternal image MrT.jpg. Other symptoms are fever, skin rash and weight loss. Some signs may include painless swelling in the neck, armpit or groin, caused by enlarged lymph nodes.
It is treatable in some situations. Lymphoma represents about 5% of total cancers- due to its affecting the immune system; HIV can increase the odds of acquiring lymphoma. Also T cell lymphoma can be broken down into a couple extremely rare types. Such as T cell Lymphoma CD3, Nasal T cell lymphoma, Anaplastic large cell lymphoma, Cutaneous T cell lymphoma, and many more. All of these cancers are treated differently making any type of T cell lymphoma extremely hard to handle. Unfortunately Mr. T has T cell Lymphoma CD3 which occurs in the skin and nasal area of a person.

​T cell lymphoma in particular affects the T cells, a type of white blood cell. T cell lymphoma has many different varieties, so it is hard to pin down particular treatments or risk factors, unlike some other cancers. The treatment of T-cell lymphomas is quite unique from the standpoint that many of the kinds of lymphomas, it must be treated systemically. In its early stages, all we have to do is
actually treat it locally. This makes receiving the new that one may have T cell lymphoma spine chilling. For more information on T cell lymphoma visit here.
Fortunately for Mr. T and his fans, the cancer has not brought down his spirits or changed his outlook on life in any negative way. T is constantly keeping up with his tough guy persona by say that he is ready to fight the cancer for a second or third time. He also keeps up with his catchphrase by establishing a new ending. "I pity the foo' who just gives up!" Mr. T is able to keep everyones outlook on cancer good, because he is always spreading the joy and advice he has learned. "We all gonna die eventually from something or other, but don't be a wimp. Put up a good fight. Don't sit around waiting on death. We can be tough. We can be determined. Go out and have some fun and make death find you! We can be living with cancer, not
Image of a person with T cell Lymphoma CD3
Image of a person with T cell Lymphoma CD3

always dying from it. We can be cancer survivors." While Mr. T has yet to start a charity for cancer research or awareness, he still makes donations for the development of a cure for cancer. Mr. T is still the one pitying the foo', and no type of cancer will change that.

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